If Only The Young People Would Listen

Everyone wants to be the center of attraction. There is this wonderful feeling when the world turns to us for counsel, direction, supervision, reference and execution. Academic and athletic excellences are great helps, so are social skills and the ability to get along with others. Understanding and appreciation play a major role in nurturing and maintaining relationships, so are behavioral standards and virtues in cultivating and consolidating friendships.

I was sitting and leaning over a cemented table, watching several groups of youngsters as they passed by in front of my in-laws’ house. They looked so trendy and stylish, so energetic and pushy, and so dominating and egoistic. I looked at them with a gentle and a hearty smile, remembering that I was young before.

I miss the fun of being young now that many of my teenage friends have gone away. Some have moved to a neighboring town or city, some a distance away, and some have gone for good. Those around me are either too busy with their family or too lazy to move around. We hardly have time to talk about old time and the latest happenings.

We are no longer the center of attraction; the world doesn’t just revolve around us anymore. Now that we have overwhelming and conflicting responsibilities, commitments and obligations to our family, relatives, friends, and others, we hardly have time for personal stuff. Life is no longer to possess all we can, but to give and share all we have. Many of us have to play supportive roles for the benefits and well being of others. Now we talk about the joy of sharing and giving; now we talk more about how to make others happy.

Life is people and life is progress. It will be very pleasing and encouraging to see our loved ones advance and excel over us. We all look for and move on for a better tomorrow, and we sacrifice ourselves for a better future.

If only the young people would listen.


Sandy said...

An interesting read, though I think parents today make a HUGE mistake by letting their children think they are the center of universe. They are not; people younger than us don't seem to have the same values, the same courtesies. I think in part because they parents don't ever question or correct them when they should.
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Maria Mcclain said...

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Meandu said...

Interesting post and great blog. I tend to feel that young people do believe that they are the center of the universe mainly because that is what their parents have taught them. Too often young people tend to be rude and cruel. They have not been taught to respect their elders.