Begging, A Lucrative Career

They were foreign nationals aged between 40 and 80. They had entered the country between 9-12 months ago.

They came to the country on tourist visas but were taken to the streets to beg for money. Some of them made up to 1000 dollars a month from begging at popular spots in the city.

The syndicate, including few women, was busted by the Immigration officers recently.

They claimed that they had been cheated by fellow countrymen who had promised them lucrative jobs in the country. But in the end, they were forced to beg.

It was believed that some local people were behind the syndicate.

One of them was excited about it since she could earn so much money a month.


Begging has also become an organized business for some people in the country; no street or shopping complex will be spared; and babies, young kids and old folks are exploited for begging.

Some just don’t care about honest living, integrity and moral values.

But I am not condemning those who are desperate for help.

What I am saying is that a man must work for a living, and begging isn’t the right way to get it.

Now begging has become a lucrative occupation for some; so are the pick pockets and snatch thieves; so are the house-breakers and car thieves; so are the bank robbers and credit card thieves.

Oh! Just how safe are we in our own country and how secure our belongings?

Everyone is talking about it but not many are doing anything about it.

And the story continues.......

And now finally, begging has become a lucrative career.


verabear said...

Begging has long been said to be part of organized crime in this country. Sadly, women and children are also trafficked from rural to urban areas, or even to other countries just to be part of begging syndicates.