I Finally Enjoy My Morning

It is windy and cold, and my body begins to shiver.

The fan is on no.1, turning around and blowing on my bare back and shoulders.

I can’t remember when is my first time, sleeping without shirt, or how I can enjoy shivering in front of a standing fan. But the sensation is thrilling and fun, making me wake up and start my day in a great mood.

I look at the sky again and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

It is a fine morning, though the mountains are still covered with fog and mist.

The place is still quiet, with the frogs croaking, birds singing, roosters crowing and the distant car sounds.

It had been raining for the past three days, with intermittent sunshine and warm temperatures, and I was getting lethargic, casual, lazy, and easily fallen asleep.

But I can’t deny I enjoy this sudden change of weather, since it is a two week holidays, with everyone around, and I enjoy my quietude and my company of family, relatives, neighbors and friends.

There is much reading to catch up with, many people to see, and various places to visit; there are much considerations, contemplations and reflections, sorting things out carefully and seeing things in a whole new light.

I sip my sugarless hot tea and eat a plate of instant noodle, chicken flavor; a warm tummy is a happy tummy, I smile.

Sitting down in front of my laptop, power it up, I continue to ponder what to do next.

Then I remember an ebook that I have read, telling me that I should plan at the end of the day, and start doing the nasty job first early in the morning.

I smile with a satisfied tummy.

We do need a break from routine sometimes.

A fine holiday morning is just good for contemplation and deep thought, doing things unhurriedly, and seeing things in a whole new light.

I finally enjoy my morning….. after so long.