A Simple Life

Lately I enjoy a simple life that I lead every day.

I sleep early and wake up before daybreak. I make sure I have enough sleep and a regular sleep schedule.

I write down all that I want to do the previous day (though not in sequence). I carry them out according to my list, making sure that I do the nasty, urgent, and difficult ones first. I then double check my list to make sure that I have carried out all or most of them.

I drink mostly plain water and sugarless drinks. I reduce intake of gas drinks, wine and beers, and I quit coffee altogether.

I eat my regular breakfast, skip regular lunch, and have a light dinner. I have some snacks in between when hungry.

I make it a rule to sleep when sleepy, to rest when tired, to relax when stressed, to eat when hungry, to drink when thirsty, to not do stupid stuff when I don't know what to do.......

Over the months, I have discovered that I have become more energetic and awake during the day, more enterprising, motivated and organized to do my work, more creative and innovative, more relaxed and less tense and anxious. In fact, I am surprised to discover that I can do more things in better ways than before.

I have my late afternoon walk around the lakes outside the town. Though the track is narrow, uneven and in certain area covered with lichen, algae, and moss, I enjoy my brisk walk.

Though there are always people around blocking the way, and hazardous bikers and drivers speeding through, I enjoy my walk; it is a break from my daily routines, releasing my tension and helping me on my weight loss program.

A simple life is worth a great deal.

Sometimes a simple meal or a glass of plain water taste much nicer.

Sometimes a simple way to understand life can make such a great difference......

Away from the office intrigues and politics!

Away from all the nagging, gimmickry, insinuating, in-fighting, quarrel, strife, hostility.......

Away from all the rumor-mongers, thoughtless gossipers, scandalmongers, backbiters, troublemakers........

Back to the nature and live a simple life.


jenn said...

Great post. Sometimes when life gets crazy, we forget about the simple things. It's nice to see that you don't take them for granted. As a busy mom of three, I sometimes do.