An Unsettled Mind

An unsettled mind is a suffering mind; a suffering mind is a daily woe.

An unsettled mind makes us helpless and passive; impatience and frustration creep in when we are indecisive.

An unsettled mind may make us feel terrible; it can keep us awake all night without getting any sleep.

But an unsettled mind can be resolved, often over a period of time.

But the waiting can be miserable.

Our van got overheated for the past few weeks.

The radiator had been cleaned and the thermostat removed, but the problem had not been resolved.

The coming Friday our children are coming home for holidays.

Sunday will need another trip to the church 40 miles away.

We need our van repaired badly or we need a new vehicle urgently.

There is no clear answer as to every question we face, and so the hesitation and despondency.

An unsettled mind takes time and effort to resolve.

And time is what we don’t have.

An unsettled mind kills the mind.

It makes me sigh and scream from within.

heheheh ahhahaha huhuhuhu hohohoho hihihihihihihihihi. − sigh