An Unreasonable Colleague

I have this colleague who grumbles and complains a lot about people around her. Nothing seems to satisfy her appetite for more. Often, I would see her red-faced in the office, ready to pounce on unsuspecting and vulnerable people.

Every time when I heard her raised voice in the office, I had this uncomfortable feeling of wanting to leave the place and went somewhere else. I just couldn't concentrate on my work when I had to deal with distractions and interruptions all the time.

We are members of the administrators. We are put together in a large room with no partitions for privacy. It is already an uncomfortable room, more of a store than an office, and then come someone screaming and shouting at another. How would that make you feel!

I had seen her, many times, screaming and shouting at her subordinates in her office.

She was always very defensive and could readily come up with many reasons and excuses to defend herself and minimize the responsibility she should carry.

She was very direct and to the point, often cornering people, hampering their spirits and making them feel guilty. I had seen many of her subordinates cowering in fear and anger as they listened to her.

There were times when her subordinates began to argue and fight about the matter. She would get very mad and started to blame them and defend herself. And there were times when she was losing, she would tried to garner our supports, claiming that we were co-administrators.

She had made a name for herself here; many are scared of her. I remembered on a few occasions when she quarreled with the bosses and talked very loudly in front and behind their back. Some of the bosses are really scared of her and they have granted her every wish.

She had very few friends and is seldom found hanging around with others. But she continues to manipulate others to do what she wants.

There were times when I looked at her from afar, pitied her for putting a tough front. It wouldn't do, I said to myself, I had seen many administrators failed when they insisted their way.

She is leading a dangerous life; more and more enemies she made every year. I had heard that her family was scared of her too, and her husband was turning a deaf ear to her.

Another year, another year, and she will have to retire; voices from behind were getting nearer and stronger; people were smiling and laughing behind her.

But she couldn't be bothered; she continues to be mean and unreasonable.

Oh! my unreasonable colleague. Sigh.


Sir Jorge said...

i never understood why people are like that, it makes work miserable said...

Me too. I wonder why they have so much time looking after other people.

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

sigh. i hate colleague like that, i have one in my office too. said...

I have one sitting behind.

Sam said...

In any organization, you encounter colleagues which are sometimes irrational, inconsiderate and irrational. I have that kind also in the department I work. said...

Thanks Sam. I believe many of us have those too. Irksome sometime.

Whiney Momma said...

That sucks. People like that are everywhere and it is a shame they spew their horrible moods and temperments out on everyone else. Try to find a way to tune her don't need that added stress. said...

Yes. That really sucks. Why can't she just leave everyone alone and mind her own business.