Don't Waste Time Hating Others

It is definitely easier to join and group with people with speak the same language, who share similar views and opinions, who are able to entertain conflicting ideas and suggestions, who know the importance of give and take, and who enjoy and cherish friendship and fellowship.

But there are times when we come across people who are not that friendly and welcoming; they don't return our greetings when we nod our head, or when we give them a smile and a friendly look, or when we speak to them with many kind words.

What would you do with people like those? Do you hate those who hate you? Do you get annoyed because of those bad attitudes and behaviors? Do you get angry because they are angry at you?

Everyone of us is different; we face and deal with issues and problems in life differently. Some of us take things easy and just let go of unhappy incidents; others may take things very seriously and want to come to the bottom of things.

But I don't think we need to get mad, angry or frustrated because they don't see things eye to eye with us. Since they want it that way, we let them go, enjoy themselves and we wish them well.

Everyone has their own circles of friends. While it is true that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, there are times when we need to bend to other people's will. We don't want to intrude into their privacy and their lives; just leave them alone.

Good friends are hard to find. But when people insist on choosing their own friends, what can we do?

I personally enjoy friendship and fellowship. I make friends with everyone who would like to befriend me. Life is just too short to hate people who hate us, to comment and criticize others to bring them to shame, and to hurt and harm others.

Don't waste time hating others.

Not worth it!

Be friendly and earn more friends. LOL


Everyman said...

It's so true. It takes too much time and energy to spend it on hating someone...and you end up not liking yourself very much either.

BATERYA said...

true! just let them be, if they hate you all you have to say is " so what?" .....just be yourself happy always..:D said...

Everyman - So true my friend. There is nothing much we can gain by being judgmental and self-righteous.

Beterya- Thank you. Each day has enough of its troubles. So why heap them all upon ourselves? Let them be. lol