Recover Your Wallet

You are searching high and low in your house for your wallet. It was not there.

Then you remembered you had left it in the playground near your house. You quickly rushed there.

A sweet little girl slowly walked to you with your wallet, smiling sheepishly.

You checked your wallet. Your ID, credit cards and other documents were still there. You sighed with relieve. Then you checked your cash. You have lost a few dollars.

Then you saw the little girl with an ice cream. You suspected that she might have taken your money.

What would you do?

Situation like this happened. Many, upon finding their money, will thank the sweet little girl. But there are those who will get a little upset when they lose a few dollars and will start to blame the little girl and make her cry.

For me, I will thank the girl heartily. Then I will give her another ice cream if she so desired.

Then I would ask her how she had found my wallet. I would not push her. But I would slowly guide her to remember.

I would not speculate whether she had stolen my money. It might be that the money was stolen before that. And she might have bought her ice cream with her money.

If she told me that she had taken some of my money because she couldn't resist the temptation of buying an ice cream, I would not blame her. Instead I would tell her that the next time she finds my wallet, she should find me first, so that we can buy the ice cream together. Making her cry just because she had taken a few dollars from me would not be nice to do.

The fact that I can have my wallet back is good news to me. Imagine if I have lost my ID or my credit cards, the consequences would be serious. Instead I had only lost a few dollars. That's a blessing in disguise.

What if I didn't recover my wallet? What if I had lost all my documents and credit cards?

We really need to be grateful to the people who have help us. And in this case, we need to really thank and reward the little girl.

So the next time you lose your wallet, and someone comes forward and give you back your wallet, be grateful. You may not have your wallet back at all.

Thanks, my sweet little girl.

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nicamperenique said...

Blessing in disguise, that's what people often do not realize. Most of us often try to find reasons to justify a case for our own negligence.

Nice post, thank you!

yeokeehui said...

Thank, nicamperenique. Welcome aboard. Some people just can't see just how blessed they are and continue to grumble about their little inconvenience.