The Passion Of The Amazing Servant

Mark 1:35-39

The 1st year of the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ was spent in relative obscurity.

He preached the Gospel in the southern parts of Israel and reached out to lost souls.


The 1st year of Christ’s ministry has been called The Year Of Obscurity.

The 2nd year is called The Year Of Popularity.


Mark passed over the 1st year of Jesus’ ministry.

He began at that time when Jesus was beginning to gain a following in Israel.


We had seen the Lord call His first disciples.

We have watched Him at work preaching in the synagogue, casting out devils, and healing many that were sick.


Now we look at the great passions that moved the heart of the Savior.

We take a brief glimpse into one early morning quiet time of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus Possesses A Passion For Prayer (35)

Nothing could prevent the Lord Jesus Christ from an early morning meeting with His Father.

He rose up a long while before daylight and went to a secluded location to pray.


The Lord Jesus Christ prayed because He lived His life in total dependence on the Father.

He prayed because He wanted a totally unhindered fellowship with the Father.

He wanted the Holy Spirit to be able to flow through His life in absolute freedom and power.


The Lord Jesus Christ wanted His prayer time to be uninterrupted and unhindered.

He knew that His prayer time was precious and private.

He wanted nothing to come between Him and time spent in His Father’s presence.


Jesus Possesses A Passion For Preaching (36-38)

As the Lord Jesus Christ was praying, He was interrupted by Peter, Andrew, James and John.

They came to tell Him that the people of Capernaum were looking for Him.

They wanted Him to go back to town and did some more miracles so that the people would cling to Him even more.


The Lord Jesus Christ refused to allow them to dictate the direction of His ministry.

He had been in communion with His Father.

He knew what the Father wanted Him to do.


The Lord Jesus Christ reminded the disciples that the message is more important than the miracles.

He told them that He was going to the towns where He had not yet preached so that He could share the Gospel with them too.


Jesus Possesses A Passion For People (39)

The Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples left Capernaum to go into the other towns of Galilee to share the Gospel message with them.

He was consumed with a passion to see people saved from their sins and brought into a relationship with the Father.


The Lord Jesus Christ came to this world to give His life a ransom for many.

He came to this world to die.


The Lord Jesus Christ was consumed with a passion to do the will of His Father.

He was consumed with a passion to deliver people from the things that had them bound.

The Lord Jesus Christ was consumed with a passion to see the people saved!