Principles Of Kingdom Growth

Mark 4:26-29

It Involves A Ministry (26-27a)

A Human Ministry

God has chosen to grow His kingdom through human ministers.

Each of us was saved because some believer somewhere sowed Gospel seed.

That seed fell into the good soil of our hearts.

Then it germinated and produced new life within our hearts.

Now, we are to carry the Gospel seed wherever we go and sow it as we go.

A Humbling Ministry

After the farmer has sown the seed, he has done all that he can.

He cannot bring life out of the ground.

So he places it into the ground and waits to see what will become of the seed.

That is humbling work!

The farmer is at the mercy of the seed, the soil and the elements.

So it is with the Gospel of grace!

We can only sow the seed and then we leave the results in the hands of sovereignty!


It Involves A Mystery (27b-28a)

A Puzzling Mystery

No one can explain how a dead, dormant seed can produce life when it is buried in the soil.

So it is with the Gospel!

When it is sown into a prepared heart, that seed begins to germinate.

When it does, life will issue forth.

This is the process we call conviction.

A Private Mystery

The work at first is very private.

The farmer must patiently wait for the results of his labor to be seen.

He does not know which seed will grow.

So it is with those who sow Gospel seed.

We do not know which seed will grow and bear fruit.

But such things are not our worry!

God has called us to sow the seed!

The harvest is His responsibility!

A Precious Mystery

The farmer knows that the seed is growing and changing.

He knows that the plant and the fruit will come!

When we sow the Gospel, we know that God is working even when we cannot see the proof of that work!


It Involves A Majesty (28b-29)

A Progressive Majesty

There is a progression in the growth of the plant.

It starts off small and fragile.

But in time it matures and produces fruit.

This is a picture of how a Christian is to grow in grace.

The new life is tender and easily damaged.

But it will grow strong in the Lord and will bear much fruit for His glory!

A Profitable Majesty

When the time for harvest is come, the farmer receives the return on his investment.

When a person is saved and lives his life to the fullest for God’s glory, it honors the Lord and accomplishes what He intended all along!


As Christians, we must sow the Gospel seed as we pass through this world.


As Christians, we must grow in the Lord in a way that pleases Him!