Taming The Tombstone Terrorist

Mark 5:1-20

Consider The Man (1-5)

The Man’s Defilement

The man was held fast in the grip of the devil.

He was possessed by thousands of demons.

He was in a state of hopelessness and helplessness.

The Man’s Depravity

The man lived among the dead.

He lived in the cemetery.

He lived with bones and the decaying corpses of the dead.

The Man’s Desperation

The man was naked.

He was running around like a wild man day and night.

He cut himself and his body was covered with blood and scars.

He screamed and yelled in his torment.


Consider The Master (6-13)

The Master’s Compassion

The Lord Jesus Christ had compassion on the man.

He wanted to deliver him from the grip of Satan.

The Master’s Confrontation

The demons drove this man to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.

They fell down in acknowledgement of His deity.

The Lord Jesus Christ ordered them to release their captive.

The demons acknowledged His authority, and they begged the Lord Jesus Christ not to torment them by sending them to Hell.

They requested that they might be allowed to enter into a herd of swine that was feeding nearby.

The Lord Jesus Christ gave them permission.

When they did, the swine couldn’t tolerate the demons and killed themselves by running into the sea.

The Master’s Command

Everything the man had tried to retain his sanity failed.

But one word from the Lord Jesus Christ and He was free!


Consider The Miracle (14-20)

He Was Changed By The Lord Jesus Christ

When the townsfolk came, they could see the evidence of a changed life.

No longer was he running around, crying out and cutting himself.

He was calm and seated beside the Lord Jesus Christ.

No longer was he naked.

He was clothed!

He was in his right mind!

He has been changed spiritually, physically and mentally!

He Was Committed To The Lord Jesus Christ

The man wanted to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.

He Was Commissioned By The Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ wanted him to remain in his hometown to tell others what He had done for him.


The Lord Jesus Christ tamed the tombstone terrorist.

He can tame us too!

Are we lost and in the grip of sin? He can set us free!

Are we out of God’s will and trapped in pride and bitterness? He can set us free!

Do we need His touch? Do we need His compassion? Do we need His life-changing power? Let us come to Him today.

The Lord Jesus Christ had weathered the storm on the sea to get to the man.

He had weathered the storm of Calvary to get to us.

Is He calling?

Let us come to Him now.