Is It Possible To Enjoy Housework?

  • Love your home and therefore try to make it a point to take care of the good things that you have in your home? Enjoy and take pride in your work? Always ponder how to do your housework more efficiently?
  • Have a standard routine for your housework, list down everything that you want to do and gather all the cleaning supplies before you begin? Drinking an enormous amount of coffee or smoking (or both) to put you in the mood to clean? Turn your brain off and just stay focus on your tasks until everything is done?
  • Listen to some music or narratives while doing your housework? Enjoy a feeling of increased confidence, and a sense of overall achievement by listening to Hypnosis CD?
  • Share the workload with the kids by delegating?
  • Or just forget it. Get a good paying job and pay someone to do it?

What do you think? I don't think I know. You decide.


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I'm just grateful my husband does it all and says he likes doing it because it relaxes him! Yippee for me!! He often puts on the music as he cleans or listens to talk radio.

Jade said...

Now tuning everything out and focusing on the house cleaning only makes it all worse for me. My thoughts turn negative (i.e. "housework is such a bore," "I could do so many other things right now," or even "I just plain hate this!") which of course does not help the situation.

I HATE housework and a distraction going on in the background is essential for me to get it done. I find that having my favorite songs going on the background helps extremely.

On the flip side, having a large distraction like the TV on in the background hurts more then helps. So distractions are good to an extent but most be kept to scale.

Another "helping factor" is to count one's blessings while cleaning. At least today there are electric appliances, specialized cleaners and methods that make it easier then we can know! At least its not the 19th century when all housewives has was a bucket of hot water, a worn rag and their two that's labor.

Duni said...

Actually, I don't mind doing the housework...I like to live in a clean environment, and after all the scrubbing and polishing is done I get quite a satisfied feeling ☺

Natural said...

yes its possible. i love doing housework, well not putting away the laundry, but i love to clean. just throw on some music and i'm good to go.

vhing said...

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Laane said...


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TLMinut said...

Having Done housework is definitely more enjoyable for me than the doing of it. Music helps a great deal. As our boys were growing up, we always had a rule, whoever was working in the kitchen - cooking or cleaning - got to choose the music and no one else was allowed to complain about their choice. It worked very well!