Empty Talk

I love to listen when people are talking.

Some people talk a lot but never say much. Others talk a little but say a lot.

I enjoy listening to talk that has substances. Everyone benefited from the talk since it improves their personal life, family life and working life.

But there are too many empty talks around. There are too many busy talkers doing nothing among us.

Empty talk is wasteful. Nobody is clear what is the real topic of discussion. And you don't see much action after that. Everyone is wasting their time and energy.

Empty talk is hurtful. It creates strife, conflict and division. Everyone is pushing their ego, trying their best to protect themselves by hurting others. Empty talk makes someone a bully, and create more tiny weaklings who live a defeated lifestyle.

Empty talk is detrimental to progress. Some grumble about their present conditions. Some boast about their undertakings. Others just listen and nod in agreement. Everybody is satisfied for a moment. The moment they reach their office, they go back to the old self.

Think before you say anything stupid.

Make this world a better place to live for Everyone.


Julie McClelland said...

You are so right, gossiping is one of the 'most' empty talks that happens too.

It's always people, I find, that have nothing better to do, their own lives are empty, that they have all this time to complain, gossip and fill our space with 'their' empty talk.

Rock on to those of us that don't buy into.

Good post, thanks for sharing some 'non-empty talk'
Julie :-)