Sitting in for teachers in the classroom when they are busy elsewhere gives me many reflections.

Some teachers are always ready with some exercises or tests for their students during their absence. Sitting in for this group of teachers are much easier. What we have to do is to get into the class, have the students’ attention, give them the required exercises or tests, and checking on them once in a while to make sure that they are doing it sincerely and carefully. Most of the time we walk around quietly to maintain the class discipline.

But they are teachers who totally forgot and neglect their students when they were busy elsewhere. They left their students without any learning activities. Sitting in for them in the classroom can be very challenging.

Some students choose to talk on some interesting topics with their classmates. It can be useful and helpful if the topics are about their academic or their school life. But sometimes they start on some personal topics praising themselves and insinuating others, and they end up arguing and fighting one another.

Some choose to sit down quietly doing and finishing their school works. Sometimes they walk around and discuss among themselves. You can observe their satisfying smiles every time they have completed a quest. Sometimes they work grudgingly and reluctantly because they have too much homework or the questions are too difficult to answer.

Some feel that they must sit down to rest or sleep. They choose not to disturb their classmates because they are too lazy to move, or not in good term with their friends, or have tired out after previous school activities or late night sleep.

Some sit down looking everywhere, musing away and smiling to themselves. This group of students are self-entertaining and self-amusing. They are okay since they do not disturb or affect others.

But, whatever they are doing, I always find it uneasy and uncomfortable to sit down quietly doing nothing, solely keeping discipline in the class.

I am paid to do my job and I will do it well. So most of the time I will stand up, get their attention and teach them careful some useful tips important to their life. I want to leave them with lessons they can apply into their daily lives.

As I teach, I also learn. And I have an enjoyable and meaningful time with the students. I gain my respect and I continue to be happy in my works. LOL


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