Do You Want To Be A Leader?

Some of us never want to be a leader.

We think we don't have the talent or the flair to be a leader. And we are scared to try.

We believe others are better than us, even though they don't have the necessary know-how. We claim that they have the look, the gut and the will to lead.

Sometime I wonder to myself whether leaders are born or created. Why is it that we love to hide our talents and never put them to proper uses?

And the sad fact is that many of us just love to criticize our leaders.

We need good leaders. And we need them badly.

Work is never done well without a good and proper plan and some workable strategies from a well-organized leader.

Opportunities are lost and gone due to indecision when the leader is blind and has no vision and drive for the future.

Able and skilled workers are disappointed and quickly left the organization when they see no prospect for their future.

And the enthusiasm to work and eagerness to learn are just disappeared because of bad top-level management.

Every organization needs good leaders especially in this worldwide economic downturn.

But just how many can we find?

Are you one of them?


Rena said...

Great post on leadership. Many people are grip by fear. I believe leaders are created. With the right guidance they become great leaders.