A Man With Mission

I believe everyone of us is made special, of importance and of value in this life. Each of us has certain important roles to play in the world. God has put us here because our service is required. God will take us away if there are needs elsewhere, or when our service is no longer required. Whatever it is, it is our duty to submit to the Almighty God and do all things well.

I believe everyday is special too. Each of us is required to do certain tasks everyday. The more talents we are given, the more is required of us. And we must never hide our talents or we will be reprimanded.

Likewise, I believe we all have certain tasks to do in our workplace everyday. And we must put our heart in everything we do.

We don't work monotonously like a robot because we have feelings. We know when to roar and when to keep quiet. We know when to keep our cool and when to smile or laugh heartily. We know when to speak up and when to bear silently. We know when to speak against the bosses and when to concede to them. Yeah, we maybe unpredictable sometimes but we know how to carry ourselves well with time and practices, doing the right things at the right place at the right time.

We don't work erratically like a housefly without head because we have proper mind control. We plan out the things we do and we do all things well. We know our individual tasks and collective responsibilities. We work with strategies, tactics and action plan, and we prioritize certain tasks while putting away other less important tasks until later dates.

We don't work sluggishly like a tired old man because we are zealous people with strength and willpower. We don't give up easily and we always accomplish our tasks properly in time.

Yeah, we are satisfied at the end of our day.

So the next time you view yourself again, remember that you are a man with mission. You are put here because your service is required, until the Almighty God decides to take you away.