Burned Out

When work becomes routine, when it becomes a requirement in life, we can get burned out easily.

For the past many weeks, coming to the office has become more stressful. Sitting down quietly and turned on the laptop, I looked at the desktop blankly.

There is no enthusiasm whatsoever. Depression, anxiety, and anger dwell on for a long while. Piles and piles of work are waiting and there are many datelines to meet. Work has really becoming more and more demanding and taxing.

It is alright when work is carried out on a personal basis. We can work according to our strategies and plans. We can prioritize the various tasks at hand according to what and how we want them. There is no interference; we can do them full speed or take our sweet time.

But often work is a matter of teamwork. It is okay if everyone knows their roles while respecting other people's roles. It is okay if everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses. But often what we have in a teamwork is all talks and no actions. Leaders do not show good examples and most of the work is delegated to the subordinates without proper instructions and guidance. Someone somehow will get burned out in no time.

Sometimes I feel like punching the air and screaming at someone. But retaliating will not do any good to anyone.

Often I will take a quiet walk around the garden or sit quietly alone at one corner of a canteen sipping my nescafe while looking and greeting others. It always does the trick.

Keeping my part of the bargain is just fine. After all it is just a job. Enjoy work enjoy life.


Dwacon® said...

Know the feeling!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear sounds like my Hubby. He is a Buddhist, Namo Amitofo and has to kill fish for a living otherwise we would have been homeless. So I am battling hard online to get him out of that Job. Let's see what Pusa will do..I need a hand, well Avalokite has a thousand so he can lend me one!
Can you imagine three uni degrees and killing fish? On the other hand we just got married and we are very happy, now we just have to get rid of the killing fish job rofl. Take care. I found your blog while adgitizing. Will come back to subscribe tomorrow.