Childhood Dreams Come True

I can't remember since when I stopped dreaming. Life has become a routine and boring. There just isn't anything new happening.

I remembered my younger days when I dreamed a lot. Whether I slept early or late, fanciful and delightful dreams just happened one after the others. Sleep was always nice and sweet, and I always looked forward to it. I realized later that I used to wake up with sweet smiles. Sometimes, I chuckled unknowingly.

Sometimes I also daydreamed. It just happened and I dropped down a few times from my chair.

One of my many regrets until today was that I never had the thought, the desire and the urge to write down all my childhood dreams.

Gone were the dreams from my life, and reality started to set in...

It would be really nice to be able to read through all our fantasies and secret desires of our childhood years.

It would be very rewarding and fulfilling to see how our dreams came true. It would be very pleasing and thrilling to look back on our successes over the years, knowing that they were conceived and born through the little fragments of dreams and fantasies.

Of course, for those who never thought of reaching for the skies and realizing their dreams, reflecting and analyzing their pasts would surely bring more sorrow.

For many, childhood dream may be a response and a step closer to reality. But for some, life is cruel and merciless, and you don't dream to get what you wanted.

But childhood dreams have spur me on in most of the things I do today, and I am happy about it.

To me, childhood dreams are dreams come true.


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