Insurmountable Task

A great task was given to our team. Everybody began to grumble about the extra burdens.

The task was to be accomplished in two weeks. Blames and grievances were thrown in all directions. But we knew that we were barking at the wrong tree, for everyone sitting in the round table was a victim. So we smiled and laughed at one another, shaking our heads. Nonetheless the grumbling session did help us to release most of our tensions and stresses.

We began to get everyone to discuss the task. There were new comers in our midst, who knew little about the various points of discussion; they just smiled sheepishly. There were the boastful and the arrogant, who dominated and led the discussion. And there were the big mouths and the small minds, who did draw some attentions and caused a stir. Big ideas and dreams were thrown on the table, but nothing much was accomplished.

Finally we drafted out our strategies and started to divide our roles. The outspokens kept their mouths shut and tried their best avoiding responsibilities. But the majority were optimistic and ready to help.

We had the necessary frameworks and were ready to involve our colleagues and subordinates to implement the various tasks.

We smiled to one another and understood the values of teamwork.

Sometimes we just had to forgo personal differences if there was a insurmountable task at hand that might bring down our organization.