Work Is Always Stressful

Work is enjoying and fulfilling when we love the tasks we do. But it can be very taxing and tiring when we end up doing things that we don't like.

I love to work in a place where there is division of work. Everyone is doing their works according to their qualification and expertise, and there are always mutual respect and appreciation. Mutual consultation and team work are then possible, bringing the organization to a greater height.

But work becomes stressful when we are given a task that is not in accordance to our qualification and expertise. We will then unable to produce the best that is required because our best will never be the best for the organization. And with the scrutinizing eyes, accusing looks and humiliating words, life will become a real torture for the man in target.

Work also becomes stressful when others do not respect our qualification and expertise. They keep heaping on us what they can do and what they will do if they are in our place. But we know that empty tin always makes the loudest noise. Some of us just refuse to accept that experience grows with years of practices.

Work also becomes stressful when we are arm-twisted to do other people's tasks. These people hold a high post in the organization but know naught what they can do. This is especially true when work status is according to seniority, skin color, or any other social preferences. And when they are unable to do their part, they threaten their subordinates to do for them or coerce fellow colleagues to help them.

Work also becomes stressful when the supervisors just cannot rely on their subordinates. They never stop monitoring their works and they always observe every single detail. This is especially depressing. We know that when parents pay too much attention to their children, the children will never be independent and self-reliance. They will never grow up in time to face real challenges.

So if we are unable to respect one another in our tasks, work will never be enjoying.

And if we do not do our tasks wholeheartedly and diligently, the organization will remain a slowly progressing institution.

And if we always overload others with our burdens, no one will want to work together for the good of the organization.

Ultimately, work satisfaction is only possible when everyone enjoy their works and respect other people's works. But as long as there are parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi among us all the time, work is always stressful.