Computer Woe

Last night my daughter told me that her computer was unable to boot up.

My initial reaction was to feel annoyed, because I had got so fed up of bringing computers back to the shop for repair.

I told myself to be calm and contemplated what to do.

I might not be a computer wizard or expert but I did have some basic knowledge about computer.

I went to her room and examined her computer. Her computer would not boot up to the window screen. And the keyboard was not detected and so was unable to function.

I knew there was nothing I could do except to open up the computer casing.

I asked my wife whether the computer was still under warranty.

We checked the invoice and discovered that it was bought less than a year ago.

Yeah, it was still under warranty.

So I decided not to open it up. We would send it for service during the weekend.

We had a spare computer and my daughter continued to play her Facebook's games there instead.

Everything remained calm and we continued with our other agenda: to book a return ticket for my other daughter for her holidays back home.

And that was our quiet family life when we worked as one. It was that simple and we were contented.

And it would continue to be so if we always got everything under control and not easily provoked.

May the LORD God be with us. Amen.


Rob said...

I know how discouraging it can be when a computer won't start up. I've had this happen before. Patience, and a lot of prayer, work for me.

Tetcha said...

I like how you all worked together as a family to solve this problem. Really, problems are best tackled with cooler heads.

Goddess said...

Funny how not long ago, none of us had computers at home, and now it's so DISRUPTIVE when it fails! You managed with far more calm than many would in this situation. Far happier for it too, I'm sure.