Getting Organized

Getting organized with my life hasn't been that easy after all.

For the past many years, my life has been pretty unorganized.

I used to act on impulses and not after careful contemplation and reflection.

Decisions are often made on an ad hoc basis and based on personal preferences and popular demands.

Over the years, I must have done many things wrongly and less satisfactory. I must have hurt many others because of my insistence on doing things my ways.

I remembered I used to have a popular excuse, "We cannot please everyone."

But then, I realized that sometimes I was over sensitive about certain things.

I was over emotional; I feel things deeply and personally when it doesn't have to be that way.

I was over zealous in my beliefs, always wanting others to listen to me.

I was over relying on others on getting things done, only to realize that the outcomes were not as I wished.

Maybe I need to getting things organized.

Maybe I need to do most of the things myself.

It is just that – How to start get things organized?