Work is Toil

We all have our commitments to our work.

We stay focus on the task at hand.

We avoid every negligence and mistake.

We plan our way around so that we can have a smooth run to the end.

We seek cooperation and team work at time.

We want quality outcomes with maximum profits.

Work is really an achievement of goals.

But many a time, work becomes very boring....

... when we cannot do the things we want.

... when we don't have the necessary facilities and equipments.

... when we don't have enough manpower.

... when we don't have the necessary cooperation.

And work can be very depressing ....

... when no one appreciates what we are doing.

... when there is no forthcoming remuneration.

... when it is just plain hard work and toil.

But work can be fun when we look more on the positive side of things...

Till then, let's keep our grievances among ourselves....

And don't bring them home....

Please.... everyone at home needs a little rest.


Sandy said...

Work is good, it gives people focus. There's satisfaction is doing a job well, once it's complete. There's purpose in the planning what to do next.

Thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciated.

As always hope you'll swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

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lucky_witch said...

The way to really enjoy life is by being happy and thankful with what you have. i know its a little bit hard at times, but through practice and constant reminding of yourself, you will realize that life is good and there are lots of things to be thankful about.