Missing Mother's Love

The kind and careful thought of a mother is often taken for granted.

The overwhelming love and concern of a mother is often not appreciated.

The wise words and the good deeds of a mother are often gone unnoticed.

Gone are the days when many will return their mother’s love and care.

Gone are the days when many will pay frequent visits to their mother.

Gone are the days when everyone will have the patience sitting down and talking closely with their mother.

Those who have often retaliated and quarreled with their mother seldom notice the helpless tears in their mother’s eyes.

Those who have often neglected doing housework seldom know that their hardworking mother already has backache and weak legs and knees.

And those spoiled children who have often depended on their mother seldom look into the dark rings and eye bags of their mother’s eyes due to many sleepless nights taking good care of them.

And that are what many of us do and still do....

.......Waiting for tasty and delicious food and drink to be laid nicely on the dining table.

.......Waiting for the rooms to be cleaned and tidied for our sleep and rest.

.......Waiting and waiting..... for everything to be taken care of.

.... then those soft footsteps as our mother wakes up in the middle of the night and walks to our bedroom, covers us with blankets, and closes the windows for us when the air is chilly and cold, and when the rain beats against the windows.......

Oh.......Thank you mother..... How I wish I have realized earlier...... Now that you are gone.....