Budding and Dying Talents

Thinking back, I sometimes wonder whether I have done the best with my life.

I am amazed at Britain's Susan Boyle, the plain-looking 48-year-old who shot to stardom after singing "I Dreamed a Dream" on "Britain's Got Talent", and the young Taiwanese man, Lin Yu-chun who sings Whitney Houston's “I Will Always Love You”. They make me realize the incredible singing talents that God has bestowed on men.

I am 48 too. But I am not talking about singing. I know myself. I will never do well in this area.

But I believe I have many talents too.

It is just that I have not done the best that is required of me.

If I have dedicated more time and effort in using my talents, I would have done better with my life. As it is, I am left with much to regret.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so impatient with people who do things unhurriedly and meticulously. I always wanted things fast and easy. Now I realize my wrong; I have not done careful enough.

Sometimes I love to do things my own way. I put in great effort and endurance, only to realize my best is not the best.

We all need people to tell us that we still have lots of room for improvement.

We need people to remind us of our weakness and frailty.

We need people to think and plan together the whole operation; we need help and cooperation.

We need teachers, coaches, cheerleaders, and mentors, many of them.

If only we are humble enough to ask for help, we will have lived a better life

If only we are humble enough to submit ourselves to God, He is most willing to teach us our talents.

We really need to know how far our talents can take us.

Oh! My budding and dying talents.