Like A Comb

After sleep, the hair looks shaggy and tousled.

It’s time to comb the hair.

A comb is a toothed device used to clean and tidy the hair.

It is also used to straighten and smoothen the hair.

It is among the oldest tools found by archaeologists, having been discovered in very refined forms from settlements dating back to 5000 years ago in Persia.

A comb is such a simple tool used in hair care.

But its effect is magical.

A comb has many close and sharp teeth, and many close gaps.

It is useless without its close and sharp teeth, or without its close gaps.

So are we.

We are just like a comb.

Like the close and sharp teeth of a comb.......

We must know and develop many good principles and practices in life.

We must be orderly, well-mannered, and disciplined in our actions.

These are important tools to navigate our way to success.

Like the close gaps of a comb.......

We must also cultivate in our relationship with others.

We must learn and know how to work together, how to tolerate and accept others, and how to live in peace and harmony with others.

If we cannot live like a comb, we will become very stubborn and very unfriendly.

So is in the necessary course of business.

Business needs ethics and lots of hard work to succeed.

Business also needs human touch to meet and adapt to the need of people.

Human management always needs very effective tools and very close human touch.

And so...... As we live and have our being,

And as we manage and balance our lives,

We always learn and practice our many lessons from many simple tools,

....... Like a comb.


Don E. Chute said...

It's ironic that you post about a comb.

I have just posted about growing my hair and beard, long--real long.

So with that I have been thinking about purchasing a good comb (and brush)

Nothing beats the feeling of a good comb, going though your hair.