Running Up The Slope

My jogging track has two slopes: a gentle slope and a steep one.

Walking up the slope was difficult from the beginning with oversized and overweight body, and my staggering footsteps.

Lately, climbing up the slope has slowly become easier and quicker.

Then one day a funny idea came to the mind, “Why not run up the slope?”

Thinking it over and getting more optimistic and confident, I decided to give it a try.

As usual, I started my rounds, reminding myself to run up the slopes along the way.

The first try was good; I ran up the slope with steady footsteps in 50 steps.

The second and the third was faster and stronger, giving me more confidence and a better attitude.

I almost slipped on my fifth round but I decided to continue.

It wasn’t easy on my seventh round but I managed to complete it.

My eighth round was my finally round and I finished it in style.

It wasn’t easy; I sweated profusely, struggled with short breaths and the pulse that seemed to be over 200.

I leaned against a palm tree, panting like a dog.

It was a double workout; very nice except for the scorching heat from the sun.

“No pain, no gain,” I told myself silently.

“More to come,” I smiled confidently.