"I Do" or "I Agree"

My friend answered "I agree" to his wedding vow instead of "I do" (He spoke in Mandarin) .
Many laughed out loud in the church, but then they cheered him on.
The wedding ceremony was smooth and proper, and everyone was happy.
What do you think?
For those who are English educated, wedding vow shouldn't be a problem since question begins will "Do you...?" will automatically be answered with "I do..."
But when the wedding vow is presented in other languages, it undergoes various translation problems. The structures of the sentences become more complex and difficult to understand. Sometimes the bride and the bridegroom need to think through carefully before they answer "I do."
I knew my friend was panicky and he was just too exciting for the big day!
I pitied him as he blurted out the answer "I agree".
I believed he knew it fast, since his face was red hot and he was shaking his head.
I saw him sweating profusely and his hands and legs were shaking.
Then I saw him looking into the bride's eyes and regained his confidence.
I believed the bride must have cheered him on!
Many people will become shy and nervous on an important occasion like this.
They will stumble as they speak and they may not realize what they are talking.
It is time to be helpful and kind, and assist in whatever way we can;
We must not let the wedding ceremony be disrupted by a few mistakes.
I believed the crowd realized their mistake;
They clapped and cheered him on.
It was a smooth and successful wedding ceremony after all.
Some people were of the opinion that the crowd shouldn't laugh at him.
Some said it was okay to laugh softly, as long as it didn't affect the function.
Some preferred to laugh outside the church, after the ceremony was over.
To me, It was okay so long as they knew it was a holy wedding ceremony;
And everyone had to play their role well.
The wedding vow is always the most romantic moment for the couple.
The beginning of living happily ever after.
Some said it's okay to say "I agree";
A man would have considered the vow properly before he agreed.
And they claimed that many who had said "I do" remained unfaithful to their spouse.
It didn't matter to me, whether "I do" or "I agree"
It meant the same thing, as long as it came from an honest and a loving heart.

Yes, "I do agree!"


Julie from Momspective said...

Hey, at least he's on board with the marriage! :)

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Yes, he is. lol