Loose Clothing

Do you buy loose clothing for kids? I do.

Loose clothing is just fine for our children; they grow fast.

If we buy fit clothing, in no time we will have to buy new one for them again.

Besides, money doesn't grow on tree; money doesn't come easy these days.

It is better that we save some for urgent and imminent needs.

Loose clothing can be used for a longer period of time; it will be nice if it can be used for a year.

Of course, this doesn't mean we will buy them extra large or adult clothing. This will make them look awkward and hilarious.

Loose clothing is recommended for adult too.

Loose clothing increases air circulation, stimulates sweat evaporation and prevents such health issues as heatstroke and heat rash.

I like loosing clothing.

I use it to hide my fat tummy! LOL

Which do you prefer, fit clothing or loose clothing?