Would You Unplug The Machine?

You were there in the hospital.
Some relative or friend of yours had their loved one in coma.

The coma patient had been there for more than a week now.
He had been lying there on a sick bed, helplessly and hopelessly.
And he was supported by machine to keep his heart beating and his lungs breathing.

The family looked very worried and heartbroken.
They called him, again and again, pleading with him to wake up,
But he showed no conscious moment and behavior.
He was just lying down there, like a dead log.

The family consulted the doctor.
They were desperate as to what to do.
The doctor shook his head, again and again;
And he give a very slim chance for recovery.

It was a poor or average income family.
The hospital fee was expensive;
They would have problems settling the bill.
The doctor suggested to them to unplug the machine.

And you were there;
Listening and helping.
What would you do as a relative or a friend?
What would you do if the coma patient was very dear to you?

Now some parts of the body had smelled;
Some skins had peeled.
Was the coma patient dying?
Or would there be a chance for him to be alive?

Difficult problems like these happen to many people.
If you are involved, what would you do?
Would you unplug the machine?

Some parents have to let their children die this way;
Some children have to let their parents die this way.
Will you be a part of this?
Would you help to unplug the machine?

Some said we must do nothing but pray. Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe miracles do happen? What if the coma patient wakes up and walk? Will you be surprised?

Some said we must wait until he dies naturally. What if he is still in coma after a few months? Will the family be able to pay the exorbitant fees? Can they afford?

What do you think?
What would you do?
Will you let him and the family suffer?
Or would you help to unplug the machines?