Watching Movies In The Cinema

Do you enjoy watching movies in the cinema?

Do you watch 2-3 movies back to back?

I did. I used to do it during my teenage years.

I watched a two hour show, took a break, rested for a while for food and drink, and continued with another show. Then I took more rest, ate more food and drink, and went for yet another show.

I didn't know why I could spent 6-8 hours just to watch movies from the same cinema.

I remembered sometimes I even walked and ran very fast from one cinema to another cinema just to catch up with another favorite show. I remembered I pained and sweated. But I was very happy when I could make it on time.

Thinking back, it was really fun what I had done 30 years ago, watching movies.

I remembered how I started watching movie by going alone.

Then, I went together with my family and friends.

It was fun and joy when everyone enjoyed the show together.

And we enjoyed a good talk about the show after that.

I remembered there were times when I slept in the cinema. The show was really boring but the air conditioners were perfect for a good afternoon rest. I believed I snored sometimes.

Most of the time, I enjoyed action movies and love stories. They were very nice to watch on big screen. Imagine those heroic and romantic scenes, and my heart would start throbbing. Besides, the sound system was just perfect for the shows.

I remembered as a young boy, I used to escaped from my home just to watch my favorite movies. I remembered how my family was angry with me and they punished me severely for what I had done.

I still watch movies these day. But I never do it in a cinema anymore. Now I enjoy watching movie from my 42" LCD TV with its very good sound system.

But I can no longer watch 2-3 movies back to back. I have tried, but I dozed off in the middle of the second show.

I dare not try after that; I know my back will ache when I sit for too long.

My children now enjoy watching movies in the cinema.

But I don't think they would watch 2-3 shows at a time.

How about you?

Do you enjoy watching 2-3 movies in the cinema back to back?

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nicamperenique said...

I still do it now :D
If I did it alone in the past, but now I do it with my husband. Lucky me that he has the same hobby with me.
We do have LCS 40" at home, but it has different sensation to watch movies in cinema. said...

Wow! That is great. But my wife is not in favor and I don't feel like going alone. Sigh!