Giving Pocket Money

Do you give your children pocket money when they go to school? Do you think it is necessary in addition to the food and drink that they bring from home?

Some parent starts by meeting up with their children during the school break time. They would bring along their children's favorite food and drink, and enjoy spending quality time with them. This is good especially for parental love and care, and it helps to build up parent children relationship.

But as the children grow up, some parents would prefer to give their children pocket money, in addition to the food and drink that they bring to school. Most parents are worried that their children may get hungry and may need the money for more food and drink. Besides, the pocket money may help them buy books or other materials that they need, or it can be used for emergency purposes.

Of course, there would be parents who prefer to give their children minimal pocket money as they grow up. They would prefer them to earn extra pocket money on their own. They want to train their children to be more responsible and independent. They would give them some household choirs like cleaning and tidying their own rooms, washing their own clothes and shoes, gardening the flower beds, washing cars, etc. Then they would reward them with money.

Some parents would prefer to give their children weekly allowance to train them on how to manage their money until the end of the week. They would check and monitor their spending habits to make sure they don't over spend. They would encourage them to have some saving to buy expensive things of their choice.

I believe the practice of giving pocket money is good for the children because it teaches them how to manage their own money from young. And it also helps them to plan for their future.

Of course, I don't agree with parents who give minimal pocket money to their children; I don't think I want my children to go hungry in school. And I also don't want my children to have too much money with them when they go to school. I don't want to see them spend their money wastefully.

What about you? Do you give pocket money to your school children? How much do you give them?

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