Give Them All That They Want

When we were young, we were the center of attraction. The world revolved around us and our family took very good care of us. They provided our every need and want, and they were always around, and always ready to give us their love, their care, their concern, and their commitment.

Of course, there were some among us who were not that blessed or lucky. We might have lost our parents when we were very young, or we might not be that close with our parents, or we might not always get all that we wanted. Some of us had to work really hard to provide for our basic needs, and some of us was taught very early to earn all that we wanted. We are all different. Nevertheless, we must never deny the fact that all of us were given love and care from people around us when we were young.

Now that we have grown up and have our own children; it is our turn to provide for our children's needs and wants. Of course, as loving and caring parents, we want them to receive the best love, care, and attention from us. And if possible, we want to give them everything they desire and want.

But as we think through, and from the many experiences that we have shared together, we decide to limit our children's needs and wants. We don't want to give them everything. We only want to give them everything that is beneficial and helpful to them. We don't want them spoiled! We want them to be useful and helpful individuals who are ready to serve the family, community, society, and nation.

Of course, there will be times when we have differences, doubts, and clashes with our children. But then, we can always sit down together to resolve our differences and conflicts. We are of one family and blood is always thicker than water.

Being a parent and bringing up children is not an easy task. In fact, it is one of the hardest jobs that requires great patience and dedication. It is a challenging job with a lot of responsibilities. But it is the most satisfying and rewarding job that we can have. But the fact remains: we will always give all that is beneficial and helpful to them, and we will never give them all that they ask.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think we should give our children all that they want?

Any comment or suggestion?

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