Jumping From A Building

A young couple was having an angry quarrel on the corridor of a tall building in the early morning. The woman threatened to jump, but the man managed to pull and save her. In the process, the man slipped and fell from the tall building to his death.

There was another incident. An old couple was having a heated argument on the top of a three story building. The woman threatened to jump and the man rushed to save her. In the process, the woman accidentally fell from the building and was seriously injured.

What do you think of these? Why people choose to jump from tall buildings?

Incidents like these happened all over the country; the above two cases were just stories on the front page of my local newspapers. I was mad when I read this. I just couldn't understand. Why?

I have height phobia and I would have difficulties looking down from the top of a high rise building. My heading would feel giddy and my body trembles. I just can't understand why some people dare to do a stunt or jump straight down from a tall building.

Jumping from a building can be a painful death. Many had seen pictures of these and are having nightmares and traumas all their lives.

And imagine the adverse effects it can cause to the victim family. Imagine how they would have to suffer every time when they pass through the same place.

Some victim families can't bear it anymore and they would prefer to leave the place as soon as possible. They would want a low, single story terrace house. Now, even the thought of seeing a tall building scared them off.

Jumping from a tall building can be dramatic when there are a lot of onlookers and bystanders who want to know what has happened. The stories can then be cooked up to draw the attention and sympathy of the people.

But accidents do happen. There are times when the victim has no intention to jump, but because of all the frustration and anger, and all other pressures, he or she decides to jump. And the end can be tragic.

Not all jumping from a tall building will lead to death. There are cases where the victims are paralyzed for life, and ended up being a burden to those who continue to take care of them.

Jumping from a tall building can never solve problem. In fact, it is a common way to escape problem. We are born with the innate abilities to tackle and solve problems, and it is not advisable to escape problems. Jumping from a tall building will only add more problems to the family who has to shoulder the financial and the emotional burdens.

So the next time when you have a disagreement with anyone, just keep it to yourself until you have reached the ground floor. You never know when one will sudden become mad and angry and threaten to jump from a tall building.

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