Japan Tsunami

I was watching the coverage of the Tsunami washing inland in Japan. My heart stopped beating and my hands turned cold. I couldn't imagine that it could be so devastating and so far reaching. But it happened, and it happened so fast. Many must have died a horrible death. It was disturbing and upsetting to see and hear people screaming, suffering and dying; it was heart breaking to see a beautiful country devastated and traumatized and thousands of innocent lives had been lost.

I kept up with the latest news; I was so eager to know more. Why was it happening to them? It was terrible and it still is. I saw cars, trucks, boats, ships, house, buildings and tons of debris swept away by walls of water. My heart cried for the people who had suffered irreparable losses because of the tsunami and the earthquake. Oh! Just how much they must have suffered and died.

But it had happened, and it was not going to stop there. Many were saying that it was going to continue to at least 20 more countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South America, Chile, Pacific Coast, etc. I don't know. But I believe it is time for us to heed the warning, and get ready.

Life is short and we don't want to waste it. It is time for us to stick together, and to love one another; and we don't want to miss connecting to everyone we care and love.

Oh! Tsunamis, earthquakes, and all other disasters....

Just how many have to suffer and die?