Forcing Your Children

Do you force your children to do things they don't like? Do you think by doing so you are bringing up your children the right way? Do you think your children will readily listen to you in the future? Or do you think forcing your children is not a good way to bring up your children?

Some parents instruct their children in how to do certain things in life, and the children listen and understand, and act on what they hear.

Some parents leave their children to learn to walk by themselves without bothering to help them. The children grow up with a strongly developed sense of identity and purpose. Sometimes, they grow up with inferiority because of constant teasing from people.

There are also parents who insist on forcing their children to do what they want. It doesn't matter if the children don't like it; they just have to follow orders.

Some children become rebellious when they are forced to do what they don't like. They are annoyed and sometimes angered at the parents' orders. Sometimes they protest to show their frustration. Sometimes they do the works half-heartedly. Sometime they just walk away without doing anything.

Some children become quiet, reserved and afraid to speak out. They follow the orders but deep inside they are not happy. They do the works well, making sure that everything runs smoothly. And they try not to rebel. They try to keep silent because they are afraid and uncertain of their parents' love.

Some children become well-disciplined. They follow orders to the letter. They respect and honor their parents. They think and feel it is alright to do what they are told. They are very obedient and teachable, and always find ways to please their parents.

How about you? Do you force your children to do things they don't like?

Any comment or suggestion?

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