A Damaged Relationship

It took us so many years to cultivate the relationship. Somehow we were attracted to one another in the past, we moved closer together, we spent a lot of time together, we lived together, we worked together and supported one another, we went out together, etc. But finally we were drifted apart.

Various reasons were given for our rejection of one another. We were not compatible, and no length of time could have fixed that; we always quarreled and we were not happy most of the time we were together; we were so busy that we didn't have time together; and our circumstances and misunderstandings had torn us apart...

Maybe it was true that we were not made for one another. We had so many differences, so few similarities, and most of the time we could never come to an agreement or a compromise. We might be living together but our hearts were very far apart. We had tried many times to reconcile, but it always blew up into a huge argument where nothing was resolved. Maybe it was true that we were not compatible.

Maybe it was true that we were not happy together. We quarreled bitterly, violently, heatedly, and emotionally; we fought, squabbled and argued for the past many years; we had many cold wars and we couldn't and didn't talk to one another for a long, long time.

Maybe it was true that we were too busy and didn't have much time together. Individually we had a lot of works and things to do, but there were not many works and things that we would choose to do together. We had our hobbies and interests and decisions, but we would do them all alone.

Maybe all these were not our faults. It was the situations and the circumstances beyond our control; we had too many misunderstandings, seriously poor communication and listening skills, and too many bad luck, etc.

It is a damaged relationship. Maybe we just have to part.

What do you think? Are these good enough reasons to part ways?

Any comment or suggestion?

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