Children's Family Name

Some people change their children's family name when they marry again. There are also those who prefer to keep their children's family name. I am of the opinion that we should keep the children's family name until they have grown up.

Many of us parents neglect our children's feelings when we marry again. We want our children to inherit our second husband's name. We want them to forget their biological father completely. As far as possible, we don't want anyone in the family to mention our ex-husband's name again.

But a fact is always a fact; it can never be changed. Whether we like it or no, the truth can never be hidden forever; it will be uncovered eventually and everyone will have to face the music, and the consequences may be painful and devastating.

Children have every right to know their biological father. They have the right to bear the name of their father. They have the right to meet up with him and stay with him. We have no right to stop them.

I strongly believe that we should keep our children's family name if we choose to remarry. I believe we should let the children make their own decision whether to change their surname when they are big enough to decide.

I believe our children have every right to keep their family name.