Old Friends

I look with keen interest at a few of my friends. We have been working here together for the past many years. As usual, we greet one another every day with cheerful smiles, some kind and beautiful words, some hearty jokes and humors, and some greetings and courtesies. It is nice to work together with them in the same place, especially when you know them well, and are willing and ready to help and share with them.

Over the years, many of them have grown old with age and the burden of life. Some have walked with a hunched back and probably arthritic hips and knees. Some can easily doze off to sleep when they begin to relax and when there is no one to share and talk.

I look at them with a nice smile, chuckle and laugh a little; they are my very best friends here and I missed talking to them during the holidays.

Some have left the place because of retirement and moving. But we continue to connect through Facebook and various other means.

It is nice to meet our friends once in a while to talk about old times. I always love to talk when them in a coffee shop or any other eatery outlet. There are always stories and jokes to tell. Fond memories of the past always bring about more love and affection for one another.

It is important to have friends of the same wavelength and passion. And I miss my old friends every time I am away from them. How about you?