Shopping Experience

Sometimes in a big supermarket, we meet with people who may desperately need our help. They look at the things on the shelves, but are unable to find what they want. Then they give up after some tries, and begin to look around for people who can help them.

If I am familiar with the arrangements of things in the particular supermarket, usually I would offer my help. It is not very nice to see other people suffered; they may probably be in a hurry, and need to go somewhere to do some more errands, or they may have become very stressful after some unfruitful attempts.

Buying things from a supermarket is not necessarily easy this day. Though things are categorized, placed, and arranged in a certain order so that they look neat and tidy, and facilitate finding, some of us may still have difficulties finding what we want in our first few visits to the supermarket.

It is nice and comfortable if we can buy all we want with a shopping trolley or basket. But there are some supermarkets whose aisles are narrow and are always crammed with people; searching for the things we want in these places can really be a bad experience.

Bringing little children along while shopping can be a tedious job. But there are times when this is the only option available. Of course, many housewives will opt for a shopping list while shopping, but it will still take them some time to search for everything they want.

It will be easier for shoppers if supermarkets are more spacious and comfortable, with better organization and search-ability. Until them, shopping can still be a nightmare and a daunting experience for those who are visiting the supermarket for the first time.