Unsafe Neighborhoods

It can be very difficult to live in a bad and unsafe neighborhood where there is a lot of house breakings, burglaries, other criminal activities and bad influences. But sometimes, we don't really have the choice; circumstance is unavoidable and, thus, we just have to cope with it.

The present economic recovery is slow going, and for many countries there are still a lot of people who remain unemployed and under-employed. The price of fuel, food, energy and transport have all gone up. There are more and more desperate people around the neighborhood. Poverty and the lack of basic amenities has caused many to resort to stealing and robbing.

How is your neighborhood doing? Is your neighborhood safe? What would you do if you are in an unsafe neighborhood?

Watching the TV news and reading the newspapers sometimes give me goose bumps. There were just too many thefts, robberies, murders and rapes around the many neighborhoods. The world is no longer a very safe place to live anymore.

Though there are neighborhood watch, police presence, home security systems and the many crime prevention measures, the neighborhoods are unsafe, crime is on the rise, and the chances of being a victim of violence are high.

Good thing my neighborhood is still safe. Anyway, we always try not to leave the house for long, and we also lock everything even when we are at home. Just cannot trust anyone anymore.

How about your neighborhood? Is it safe?


shengy said...

yes..we all need safe neighborhood

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

Thanks Shengy. Welcome on board. We just can't trust some of our neighbors now!