Everyone of us is susceptible to worrying; worry has become our permanent friend and a constant companion.

For some of us, worry is a serious threat to our health, our welfare, or our ability to work. It has become a heavy burden, and there is no escape for it.

Some people are especially prone to worries and anxiety; they are often touchy and irritable. Worries have taken control over their lives, consume their day, and continue to eat them up.

Worry is normal in our lives, especially when it is connected with somethings that are very important to us or someones whom we love and cherish. Some of us are especially worried when it comes to money and life issues.

Worry can consume us and make us sick. Some of us cannot sleep or eat properly because of their worries. And for some, they will forget about the things they need to do and continue to feel depressed.

It is necessary for us to understand the danger of having too much worry. Worrying is necessary to make us work and get things done carefully and properly. But too much worry will trigger negativity and makes things worse. Too much worrying is simply not a healthy habit!

It is necessary for us to do right when we are worried. Worrying must help to encourage us to deal with our troubles and solve our problems.

What do you think? Does worrying help to solve your problems?