The New Birth Is Like A Breeze

Jesus compared the mystery of the new birth to a breeze (John 3:8).

Jesus told Nicodemus that just as the wind could be felt and measured, and the effects of it could be seen, where it came from and where it went to remained a mystery.

We cannot see God do His work in a heart.

But we can see the effects of the Spirit in a life!

When we see a wicked and hateful man turns into a sweet, loving, and holy saint, we know the Spirit has been working in his soul.

We do not see how it happens.

But we can see the effect of the power of God in the human heart.


The wind of the Spirit was blowing in the soul of Nicodemus.

But he could not control that wind.

And it might be gone in an instant, never to return.

The time for Nicodemus to heed God’s call was when the wind was moving in his heart.


If the wind of the Spirit is blowing in our soul, the time to be saved is now!

Remember, God will not always deal with us (Gen. 6:3).

We must come to Him when He is near and calling (Isa. 55:6; 2 Cor. 6:2).

We can come to him only when He is calling us (John 6:44).