The New Birth Is Like The Physical Birth

John 3:4-7

The mystery of the new birth is like that of a physical birth.

When Jesus said “No one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit”, He was talking about physical birth and spiritual birth.

He was saying that for a man to get to heaven he must have two births.

He must be born into the kingdom of men and he must be born into the kingdom of God!


There are a few ways physical birth can be used to illustrate spiritual birth:

  • Physical birth provides life. Likewise, spiritual birth provides a person with spiritual life.
  • Physical birth only happens once. Likewise, spiritual birth is a one time event.
  • Physical birth happens because of the suffering on another. A mother suffers to bring life into this world. Jesus suffered so that we might be born again.
  • Physical birth gives the infant a brand new start. Our past is wiped away; our future lies in front of us!

The new birth is a mystery!

It is like our physical birth!


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