What Made The New Birth Possible?

John 3: 9-15

When Nicodemus heard about the new birth, he wondered how it was possible.

Jesus explained to him how the new birth became a reality!


Jesus told Nicodemus that the Savior must leave Heaven above, and come into this world, to die for sin!

And that was what Jesus did! He left Heaven, took upon Himself a human body, lived without sin, and died a horrible and awful death upon the cross.

Jesus reminded Nicodemus of the time Israel sinned. God sent serpents among them to bite them. Many of them died (Num. 21:4-9). After that tragic event took place, God commanded Moses to make a bronze snake and put it on a pole.

Jesus was like that snake! He came to this world to be put upon a cross. He came to die a sacrifice for sin. He came to die that we, through His death, might live!

And when Jesus died on that cross, He paid our sin debt in full!


What must the lost, hell bound sinner do to be saved? Believe!

Just like those people in ancient Israel who had been bitten by the fiery serpents. All they had to do was look and live!

If we want to be saved, we must believe in Jesus and receive His finished work at Calvary as the payment for our sins (Romans 10:9).

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and we shall be saved!


Like Nicodemus, We can be born again.

We can be born into the family of God and become God's children.

We can be born again right now if we will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe in Him.


Nicodemus got saved.

He stood up for Jesus before the Sanhedrin (John 7:45-53).

He helped Joseph of Arimathaea bury the body of Jesus after the crucifixion (John 19:38-42).

Nicodemus was born again!


If we will come to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will also save us by His grace.

We will be born again too!