Turning Water Into Wine

John 2:3-9

When Problem Comes (9). Sometime during the festivities, they ran out of wine. To the Jews, it could be ruinous! First, it was a matter of honor. The bridegroom was responsible for providing adequate supplies. If something ran out before the party was over, it meant that he hadn't planned well and hadn't provided for all his guests. Secondly, to run out of wine would cause public embarrassment for the groom and his family.

Steps Taken (3-5). Jesus’ mother showed us 2 steps we should do in troubled times:

  • Flee To Jesus. When problem arises, we should take it to the Lord. (Phil. 4:6-7)
  • Follow His Commands. We should do what Jesus says!

Jesus At Work. He turned water into wine!

  • It Was Unconventional. Jesus will help us, but He may not do things our way.
  • It Was Uncommon. The governor of the feast was surprised at the quality of the new wine (10b).
  • It Was Unbelievable. The governor didn't know it, but the servants did! (9)


Nobody in this world may understand what we are going through. But Jesus does!

And when He moves in our time of need and turns our darkness into day; when He lifts our burden and shoulders our load, we know it and we will never forget it!

To everyone else, it was just wine, but to all who knew the truth, it was a miracle!

Turning Water Into Wine - Jesus' first miracle.