Work Is Only A Game

If we approach our job like a game, we will enjoy it more and we will likely to succeed at it.

When we play game, we are fully absorbed in it, we want to take control, and we enjoy every bit of it. Nothing else matters. And time just seems to fly.

If your "game" is too tough, find out the skills you need to improve and work on it. Increase your skills and you will win the game.

If your "game" is too easy, make it more challenging by increasing the level of difficulties. It may take you a lot of thinking to figure out how to do that, but keep at it and you can find a way.

If your "game" is too boring, make it more interesting. Be creative and figure out something to cheer up your surroundings or give yourself some motivations.

Whatever it is, always find a way to become absorbed in your work. You will surely enjoy it more.

After all, work is only a game.


Youvegotmaille said...

Thanks for the much needed reminder. Work's become a drag lately.

Nich said...

unfortunately, work doesn't have save points where we can get back to if we made some mistake in the process *LOL* said...

Thanks Nick.
Thank Youvegotmaille.
When I'm exhausted in my work, I always reminded myself that it is only a game... but true enough there is no save point where you can continue and not restart all the time.

Rozella said...

Yeo, you are so right about this. If you don't enjoy your work than should seriously think about doing something else. For you to be productive and for you to do your absolute best, you have to have fun.

PuNiao said...

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AtoZchild said...

My work is my 4 kids. It's hard not to get overwhelmed sometimes, but there will be a day when they have all grown up and moved on. So, when I have my hands in a dirty diaper, I remind myself that there is nowhere else I would rather be. Someday there will be no dirty diapers or laughing and giggling or screams for mommy. My work, my game, is the best there is.

Sue said...

I haven't worked in the real work force in quite some time - I think I'm allergic to it - lol. Great tips though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) said...

Thank you very much. Work is a game after all. Let's play.