Rest In God

We all need a moment of rest; a moment when we can see all things in the light of God's Word.

I enjoy my moment of rest. I sort out most of my thoughts, my decisions and my problems while meditating on the words of God. I find my peace, my joy, and my love while resting in God.

Sometimes you just need to be alone to know that God is not far from you. Many of us are busy doing nothing, making us even more restless. Spending sometimes with God can bring you a new lease of life.

Some of us are at peace with God at all time. We can live in peace and harmony with everyone and everything around us. Sometimes, I wonder why God's rest is beyond comprehension.

Resting in God also help us accomplish more tasks with lesser time and efforts. Everything seems to work out just fine.

I wonder when is the last time you have a word with God. Maybe you should start now.

Why not try it today?