Work Pleasure

I enjoy my work.

I find pleasure in everything I do. I spend times perfecting my skills and abilities. I enjoy every bit of my work. I prioritize my work and complete my tasks properly on time. I seek to enjoy every task given and do it properly and satisfactory. I will find ways and means to improve on everything I do. I have committed more than 20 years into my work, and I desire to enjoy it for another 10 years more.

I clean and arrange my workspace until I am comfortable and can enjoy deep breath whenever I need. I prefer a quiet corner with less disturbances. I enjoy soft music and soft conversations in the background. I enjoy seeing flowers and plants whenever I get tired of my tasks.

I withdraw from people who are full of complaints about their workload and who just cannot stop grumbling. They affect my tasks and disrupt my peace and joy in my workspace.

I treasure colleagues who have the organization's goals in them every time they reach their workplace. These are people who seek to improve the working environments and who endeavor to implement the organization's goals efficiently and effectively. They always make my tasks easier and my working life happier.

I enjoy friends who are full of good tips and good jokes. Sitting close to them always helps in acquiring new working ideas and reducing stresses and strains of my working life. I love friends who have a lot of patience and can maintain their composure. They always have clear thoughts and they reason well. These are people who enjoy their workplace.

I stay away from negative people who complain virtually everything they see. They are not happy about the workplace, the colleagues, the customers and the bosses. Joining them only make me negative in my working life.

Yes, I make friends with my bosses. I seek to listen and understand what they want me to do. I carry out my tasks properly and on time. I seek their advices on things I have difficulties to comprehend and implement. I know my limits and I wouldn't volunteer on tasks that are beyond me. And I will state my stance with my bosses at the correct times.

I have the organization in my mind when I reach my workplace. All other things are secondary. I will help in planning, implementing and monitoring all the organization's goals. I understand that God put me in this organization for a purpose.

I will avoid negative people in my workplace, including my bosses. They are a hindrance to my work pleasure.

I think I will ask for transfer when I can't enjoy my work here anymore.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I try to keep an optimistic attitude at work too and avoid grumbling, sometimes it's difficult though when bosses have some unrealistic expectations or don't plan ahead and give people adequate time to accomplish the things they need done. It's good to avoid the grumblers though, they will bring you down.

MamaFlo said...

I like that kind of workspace even at home whether it be my kitchen or my computer desk.

Connie said...

Hello just want to thank you for making my blog your regular visit! Unfortunately, my EC got deleted due to pop ups. Do you know how to resolve it? Please help me I already sent a ticket to EC support but they do not know how.


GAGAY said...

whew! Mr. Yeo Kee Hui..from the past days that we've been connected here in the blogosphere, this is the only time that i've seen your pics!

nice meeting you here Mr. Yeo Kee Hui..can I just call you "kuya"?

happy blogging!

gagay said...

Thanks for all the comments. They always make me enthusiastic to write/ post more. Gagay, I am ready to be a brother to everyone who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, I can be your kuya.