Sleep Anywhere Anytime

Some of us can really sleep. They can sleep anywhere and anytime. But I just can't.

Some of us slumber through their whole lives. They sleep in broad daylight and have their happy hours every night. But I just wouldn't.

A quick nap may be okay. It boosts your brainpower. But first shut your office door before you shut your eyes. And please don't snore and make the whole office people doze off.

If feeling drowsy and dozing off is your problem:

  • Changing your diet.
  • Don't overeat.
  • Take notice of the habits that make you sleep and avoid them.
  • Do some light exercises during working hours.
  • Make your works interesting by changing yourself and your surroundings.
Life has its many ups and downs. By sleeping through and forgetting the reality of life is just not the correct way to solve problems.

Set up your plans for the day and work through them carefully one at a time. Enjoy every bit of your life. Be more sociable and more caring, sharing love with those in need and learning more from others.

Enjoy life. Take a deep breath and clear you throat. Move a little, shake a little, and smile and laugh more often. Walk around, look around and enjoy a wider and a fuller view of everything you see. Wash your face and blow your nose if you must... but please don't go to sleep.

There are so much to do... both for yourself and others. And the world cares and God cares.

Enjoy work. Work is fun. Work is nothing but a game. lols.


Mom said...

I could do that... Well, at least some of those spots anyways.

Nhil said...

As for call center agents they can only get a nap during their lunchbreak. Some would go to the office earlier to get a good 'sleep' before they take calls.

If an agent 'snores' on the call, then that would be his last. :(

Btw, you got cool pictures here. Have a great day!

Nhil / Call Center Gal

Pushhyarag said...

A short nap during break time mid day is said to go well to cool the head and get us back fresh for more work! My odd weakness is I doze off in a moving car, a bus, train or whatever and any time. I seem to enjoy talking to myself and also use the time to set the breathing rhythm which makes me slip into that nap. I wake up refreshed though.

The tips here are quite practical. said...

I can hardly sleep when I'm comfortable, much less out in the open like these guys! said...

Thanks for your comments. I used to take a nap in the living room. Now I hardly sleep in the afternoon. I believe taking a shower and drinking more plain water can do the miracle.

Cacai_Nad said...

Ohhh Sir, I don't know if I have to laugh or smile or give mercy or any.. hehehee.. Well, just a little smile for the pics. They sleep everywhere and it seems they're comfortable. btw, thanks for the comments u left on my site Sir. Keep teaching and posting! god bless u more.